Cocoon Fires Pedestal Black


The Pedestal Standing Cocoon is made from matte black painted carbon steel or polished 316 Marine grade stainless steel. With its unique design and exquisite finish, this fireplace will be a centerpiece in your interior.

Biofireplace Cocoon Fires Pedestal Black

Federico Otero designed the Pedestal Standing Cocoon Black for Cocoon Fires, a well-known brand. This stunning fireplace received the Interior Innovation Award in 2011. Cocoon Fires creates both functional and decorative fireplaces. The Pedestal Standing Cocoon comes in matte black painted carbon steel or polished 316 Marine grade stainless steel. Its unique design and beautiful finish make it the centerpiece of any room.

Purchase the Pedestal Standing Cocoon in Black

The base and burner of the Pedestal Standing Cocoon use polished 316 Marine grade stainless steel. This designer fireplace features a 1.5-liter bio-ethanol burner, providing up to 6 hours of burn time. Cocoon fireplaces are clean, eco-friendly, and smoke-free, requiring no chimney. The flame creates a warm, cozy feeling throughout the room. The total height of the fireplace is 74 cm. The base of the Pedestal Standing Cocoon can also come in stainless steel. If you prefer a different version, you can choose the polished Pedestal Standing Cocoon in stainless steel.

Pedestal Standing Cocoon 2.0

The Pedestal Standing Cocoon 2.0 is the latest version. It features the newest bio-ethanol burner technology. The new Cocoon 2.0 burner system offers better performance with less bio-ethanol consumption. Additionally, it has a sleeker look, as the burner is now visually integrated into the bowl, creating a seamless appearance.

Product Review

Curious about how the fireplace burns and how our fireplace specialist rates it? Want to know the specifications and benefits? Check out our product review below!


  • Brand: Cocoon Fires
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Height: 74 cm
  • Burner Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Adjustable Flame: Yes
  • Color: Black, Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel

The Pedestal Standing Cocoon is a versatile and stylish addition to any room. It provides warmth and ambiance with its innovative, eco-friendly design.




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