Hoefats Spin 120 Silver


SPIN – a wild whirl of flames in a decorative glass cylinder conjures up the finest campfire atmosphere in your living room, on your balcony or your terrace.


The secret behind the flame vortex

How is the signature SPIN flame vortex created? When the höfats bioethanol gel fuel is ignited and the glass cylinder made of heat-resistant borosilicate is placed on top, the inflowing air is set in rotation via three baffles. This movement is passed on to the flame, and the glass’s own thermals and chimney effect additionally propel the fire vortex, which is securely enclosed. As a result, the flame grows by more than 500 percent in height and extends over the entire length of the glass cylinder – without any additional energy at all!

HOEFATS SPIN – A Gift For Any Occasion

HOEFATS SPIN on the table is already a holiday! A compact bioethanol fireplace creates a special atmosphere of celebration, romance, peace. Inside a high heat-resistant glass flask, the flame twists into a bewitching fiery tornado, attracting the eyes of others. And all this without smoke, unpleasant odors and ashes.

The desktop biofireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Fire table Hoefats Spin 120 Silver

SPIN 120 Table Fire

Do you know that the time spent contemplating the living flame does not count towards the years of life?
This is a beautiful myth, but who will refute it? The German biofireplace Hoefats Spin, at least, is able to give many pleasant hours spent in a warm atmosphere in the light of a bright smokeless flame. Get ready for the involuntary release of happiness hormones, this is no longer a myth, relaxation and meditation contribute to the production of endorphins!
Biofireplace SPIN – an impressive swirl of flame behind a high glass lampshade. Extremely easy to operate and available for outdoor and indoor use.
And even if today there is no company, but there is a spleen in your soul, light a bio-fireplace and remember the immortal lines of Makarevich:
But I believed – not everything is lost yet,
Until the light fades, until my Spin is on 🔥


Base: Ø 23 cm, glass tube: Ø 12 cm, 54 cm height mounted


4.3 kg


housing: stainless steel; glass cylinder: borosilicate glass

Exposure time

1.5 h


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