Planika FLA 4 990 mm


In addition to the control panel with an LCD display on the case, the device is equipped with a remote control, a WiFi module for control via mobile devices and a SHS module for integration into the Smart Home system.

TOP shopping — automatic biofireplace Planika Fire Line Automatic 4 990 mm

This is one of the most requested bio-fireplace configurations from Planika’s flagship range. The length of the fire line is about one meter (99 cm) – a universal size suitable for implementing numerous variations of installations in furniture, portals, pedestals.

These automatic bio-fireplaces in a galvanized steel casing are an example of reliability and impeccable safety. For all its intellectual filling and automation, the device consists of simple components that provide it with the necessary margin of safety for long-term uninterrupted operation.

Biofireplace FLA 4 990 mm with built-in cooling coolers, does not require the installation of ventilation grilles, and does not require the installation of a chimney. A smokeless fireplace simply does not need a chimney. The only thing on which the bioethanol source of live fire depends is the power supply (230 V power supply) and the regular filling of the fuel tank.

Planika FLA 3 990 mmEco-friendly, safe, practical – Planika Fire Line Automatic 4 990 mm automatic biofireplaces

The proprietary technology of burning biofuel vapors instead of liquid ethanol allows not only to increase the level of fire safety of the fireplace, but also to completely eliminate the formation of combustion products such as ash, soot and soot. Only water vapor and carbon dioxide are the products that remain after the combustion of bioethanol. The appearance of unpleasant odors and toxins is excluded. Combined with the fact that the fuel itself is produced from renewable resources, this gives grounds to assert that automatic biofireplaces are green devices that are friendly to the environment.

Safety is the first thing a buyer is interested in when choosing a live fire source for a fire design. And in this regard, the bioethanol devices of Polish engineers give odds to all their competitors. As many as 16 advanced sensors are installed in the flagship model of the fireplace, ranging from temperature (external and internal), ending with shear, tilt, CO2 and fuel spill sensors. All these “sentinels” are controlled by a built-in microprocessor, which quickly responds to regular situations.

Automation for comfortable operation – biofireplace FLA 4 990 mm

The automatic functions of the fireplace are not only turning on and off at the touch of a button, but also the control of combustion modes (6 levels of flame height), this is the setting of a shutdown timer and the ability to control via mobile devices, and integration into a home automation system. The biofireplace kit includes a remote control, it is also possible to control it from the panel located on the body.


Any Ral Colour, Black, Steel


990 mm


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