Planika Primefire 990

Do you remember your first biofireplace? An excellent psychological technique for evoking positive emotions is to recall the brightest events of the current year. Of course, each person will have their own joyful reminiscences, but if your interior was decorated with a source of living fire in the recent past, then there can be much more such bright memories.

Take a look at this light and spacious hall, the interior of which was designed by the designers of the Sisters design studio. Refined, luxurious and sophisticated classics in design and Primefire automatic bio-fireplace in a niche, the design of which makes this installation the most noticeable element of the room.

Biofireplaces Planika Primefire 990 – no limits

In the conditions of urban apartments, biofireplaces have become almost the only source of real flame available for installations. Any other fuel-burning fireplaces are either under the strictest prohibition of operation, or with such restrictions that their installation is not advisable. For bioethanol burners operating on distilled ethanol, not only is a permit from the fire inspectorate not required, but also the installation of a chimney.

The interior, still breathing with the novelty of materials, in the presence of a working bio-fireplace is not threatened by soot, soot, or extraneous odors. Biofuel burns without leaving behind a dry residue, without emitting toxins and smoke. It is not surprising that there are live indoor flowers near the fireplace portal, a distance of one meter is enough so that the plants do not suffer from heated air, and nothing else threatens them.

Biofireplace Primefire – turn on the bright impressions

For many people, an important argument to buy a biofireplace Primefire is the possibility of remote control. This is a nice option in the recreation area when you are in a state of relaxation and do not want to make unnecessary gestures. The remote control allows you to command fire from a distance, making ignition by pressing a button, changing flame modes and turning off the fireplace.

So what vivid memories can be associated with a biofireplace? And again, this is very individual and depends on your life circumstances and hobbies. Someone will remember the family celebration of the New Year, someone will remember from a romantic dinner with a loved one, and someone, perhaps, will remember for the rest of his life how, while contemplating the dance of fire, he got the idea for a successful business.


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