Biofireplaces Planika FLA 3 990 mm

In this interior of an apartment for a young man, the idea to use a bio-fireplace did not appear immediately. The project itself was developed by the PLANIUM design studio and began to be implemented at the stage of building a house. But as it sometimes happens in the course of implementation, new wishes from the customer appeared, and original thoughts came up on how to bring them to life.

Thus, the FLA 3 biofireplace has become not just an additional decorative accessory in the interior, but one of the key elements of the living room, around which a relaxation area with hanging TV and upholstered furniture was created.

Thanks to its installation flexibility, this model of built-in automatic bio-fireplace is so loved by interior designers around the world.

Biofireplaces Planika FLA 3 990 mm – beauty without sacrifice

Materials and colors for interior design were chosen calm, natural, inactive, with a competent balance of dark and light. The bio-fireplace, built into the furniture console protruding from the wall, is perfectly visible from anywhere in the room. Against the background of a black wall, the fireplace flame looks especially bright and contrasting.

To protect the fire from drafts, a heat-resistant glass panel is installed on brackets along the linear burner.

In general, the apartment with an area of 104.5 sq.m, is made in a minimalist style, while without loss in comfort and functionality. In such an interior it is comfortable not only to live, but also to receive guests.

Biofireplace FLA 3 – the choice of advanced techno geeks

A furniture console with a built-in bio-fireplace makes it possible to use it as a stand for all kinds of art objects, souvenirs, books, indoor flowers. The clean flame of a burner with bioethanol fuel does not threaten to damage things with ash, ash and soot.

If you have ever bought a bio-fireplace FLA 3, which has been the flagship model of the brand for many years, then you know what a fire without smoke and unpleasant odors is like.

However, no one has canceled the observance of elementary fire safety rules, so you should not place flammable things at a distance of less than 1 meter from the flame.

For modern young people, home automation is already becoming something quite ordinary, it is not surprising that the choice of the model fell on this one, since FLA 3 is integrated into the Smart Home system, and also has the ability to remote control from smart devices via Wi-Fi connection and through the original remote control.


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