Panorama automatic ethanol burner


  • 1200 mm LONG
  • 6 SHAPES

Biofireplace Planika Panorama – ready to see more?

The Panorama automatic biofireplace is based on the best technologies used in the brand’s flagship model, the FLA 3 fireplace.

The product is the first fully glazed automatic bioethanol fireplace with proprietary BEV technology on the market. BEV technology made it possible to eliminate direct contact between the flame and liquid fuel (heated fuel vapor enters the burner), which increased the degree of safety by an order of magnitude.

Biofireplaces equipped with a microprocessor are automatically controlled using a compact remote control, smartphones and tablets with installed proprietary software, as well as from a wall-mounted control panel.

Planika Panorama

Biofireplaces Planika Panorama – installation all-rounder

These are brand bio fireplaces that come in 7 different configurations, pushing the boundaries for creative installations.

Click to download technical card Single-Sided (one front side is open for viewing);
Click to download technical card Left Corner (the front and end are open on the left);
Click to download technical card Right Corner (front and end on the right are open);
Click to download technical card Three-Sided (three sides of the fireplace are open);
Click to download technical card Tunnel (tunnel installation for through niches);
Click to download technical card Room Divider (installation in a partition with three sides open);
Click to download technical card Island (island installation with four sides open).

The innovative bioethanol fireplace is ideal for any interior, regardless of its style, and also meets the requirements of architects and designers around the world. Quite expectedly, Panorama does not require connecting a chimney or installing auxiliary ventilation grilles.

Planika PanoramaBiofireplace Panorama is definitely on your wish list!

A biofuel fireplace is designed with two vents – one at the bottom to suck in air and one near the ceiling – distributing heat evenly throughout the room. There is also the possibility of implementing a wall with a zero gap function.

The fuel tank of the fireplace holds 5.5 liters, which allows you to extend combustion up to 10 hours (operating time depends on the selected flame height mode).

You will want to buy a Panorama biofireplace not only because of its installation and aesthetic advantages, but also because of the opportunity to create individual projects and receive advice from our experts.

Additional accessories will help make your installation even more original and personalized: ceramic logs, white decorative pebbles, SHS home automation module.


Fuel tank capacity 5.5 L
Maximum burn time 10 hours
Maximum heat output 7.0 kW
Minimum room cubature 70 m3
Flame height regulation 6 stages
Weight 93.3 kg
Fuel type bioethanol 95 – 96,6%
Flue heat extraction system included
Air change rate 1 space volume per hour
Power supply 230 V
Finish black powder coating
Materials steel, galvanized steel, tempered glass
Application for indoor use only

Island, Left Corner, Right Corner, Room Divider, Single Sided, Three Sided, Tunnel


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