Planika FLA 4 2490 mm


In addition to the control panel with an LCD display on the case, the device is equipped with a remote control, a WiFi module for control via mobile devices and a SHS module for integration into the Smart Home system.

Good reasons to buy – automatic biofireplace Planika Fire Line Automatic 4 2490

What captivates interior designers and architects with flagship automatic biofireplaces from the Polish manufacturer is the opportunity to become part of any original project, regardless of its style, and to bring home comfort even to a completely new or non-residential premises. Let’s add here an unsurpassed intelligent security system, an absolutely clean flame, ample control capabilities, and we come to understand why people are ready to pay more than 13 thousand euros for a FLA 4 2490 mm biofireplace.

This model is the largest in the line, with a firing line length of almost 2.5 meters (249 cm). And even if this does not seem enough to you, this module can be combined with any other from the FLA 4 line (790, 990, 1190, 1490, 1990 mm). It must be said that the top Planika biofireplace is not only beautiful, spectacular, safe, but also prestigious. It emphasizes the status of the owner or institution in which it is installed.

automatic biofireplace Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 2490Their strengths are automatic biofireplaces Planika Fire Line Automatic 4 2490 mm

Automatic biofireplaces are valued for their ease of installation, which does not require the creation of a chimney or auxiliary ventilation grilles. Bioethanol, and even used with proprietary BEV technology, after combustion leaves behind only carbon dioxide and water vapor. These are all biofuel combustion products – no smell, smoke, soot or ash! That’s why bio-fireplaces are so easy to care for, that’s why they don’t negatively affect the microclimate of the room, so you can safely place living plants next to them (the safe distance is indicated in the manual).

The rest of the safety work is carried out by 16 smart sensors that monitor the parameters of the fireplace and the environment, according to their specialization. Information from the sensors comes to the microprocessor and it quickly responds to programmed situations.

A protective panel made of heat-resistant glass installed along the fire line creates an additional barrier to foreign objects that can get into the flame.

Planika FLA 3 2490 mm

Control you never dreamed of – biofireplace FLA 4 2490 mm

The Planika flagship also offers advanced control options that are not limited to just the remote control and the panel with an LCD screen on the body. In addition to the Wi-Fi module, the model also has an SHS module. The first allows you to control the fireplace via mobile devices using a proprietary application, the second ensures the integration of the bio-fireplace with the Smart Home system for remote control through a central controller. Whichever control method you choose as your priority, you can be sure that it will be intuitive and convenient.


  • W: 2490 mm / 98.0”
  • H: 220 mm / 8.7”
  • D: 280 mm / 11.0”
  • Burn time: max. 12 hrs
  • Capacity: 14.8 L
  • Heat: max. 22.5 kW
  • Room size: min. 225 m³
  • FLUE/CHIMNEY: Not required
  • FUEL: Bioethanol 86-96.6%
  • FINISH: Black powder coating, Steel, Any RAL colour
  • MATERIALS: Steel, galvanised steel toughened glass
  • USE: Indoor only

Any Ral Colour, Black, Steel


2490 mm


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