Galaxy Laurent


Fuel Type: Natural Gas (NG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Flame Height Adjustable: Yes Materials: Sintered Ceramics, Steel, Tempered Glass Decorative Accessories: Black Glass Gravel Outdoor Application

Galaxy Laurent gas fireplace – you won’t believe it until you try it

Planika gas fireplaces are constantly evolving, this is especially noticeable in new models of devices intended for outdoor use.

The Galaxy gas fireplace impresses with its electronic filling, which is rarely seen in outdoor burners. Comfort and ease of use for many modern users is becoming a key argument when choosing devices, so it is not surprising that even outdoor fireplaces like Galaxy have integrated safety sensors with a microprocessor, as well as a WiFi module for remote control from smartphones and tablets on which the proprietary Planika application is installed. There is also a compact, intuitive remote control.

Gas fireplaces Galaxy 1150 Daze. Not marble, better!

There is only one important condition for the operation of this automatic fireplace – the need to connect to a power source (220/230 V power supply). But it doesn’t need a chimney.

New gas fireplaces have a linear fire shape, which is protected from gusts of wind and flying debris on all four sides by heat-resistant glass screens.

The Galaxy line of outdoor burners has several finishes. The Dekton Daze body features sintered ceramic panels that are stain, scratch, UV, moisture and heat resistant.

The firebox’s stainless steel and black glass gravel finish (included) makes it not only extremely durable, but will also look great on a patio, gazebo, or outdoor deck.

Galaxy gas fireplace – fuel selection

The fireplace runs on natural gas or LPG gas mixture and has the ability to adjust the flame height. The maximum thermal power ranges from 10.1 to 13.4 kW, depending on the selected fuel type (LPG has a higher thermal power). LPG is also more economical in consumption (NG: max. 0.96 m³/h, LPG: max. 0.95 kg/h).


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