Cabo Table Daze/ Laurent / Kovik


Introducing Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Series: Daze, Laurent, and Kovik

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with the Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Series, featuring the Daze, Laurent, and Kovik models. Designed to blend functionality with style, each tabletop fireplace in this series creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion.

Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Daze: The Cabo Table Daze combines sleek design with the mesmerizing beauty of a dancing flame. Perfect for intimate gatherings or alfresco dining, its compact size and clean-burning flame make it an ideal centerpiece for outdoor entertaining.

Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Laurent: Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with the Cabo Table Laurent. Featuring a classic silhouette and premium materials, this tabletop fireplace exudes sophistication, making it the perfect addition to any patio or garden setting.

Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Kovik: The Cabo Table Kovik offers contemporary style and versatility in one sleek package. With its customizable features and modern design, this tabletop fireplace allows you to create a personalized ambiance that complements your outdoor decor.

Experience the warmth and charm of a Biofireplace Planika Cabo Table Series fireplace, whether you choose the Daze, Laurent, or Kovik model. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or cozy nights under the stars, these tabletop fireplaces bring elegance and innovation to any outdoor space.


Daze, Kovik, Laurent


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