FLA 4 1490 mm


In addition to the control panel with an LCD display on the case, the device is equipped with a remote control, a WiFi module for control via mobile devices and a SHS module for integration into the Smart Home system.

Biofireplace Planika Fire Line Automatic III Smart 1490 mm – the magic of good fire

Every person, one way or another, is sentimental. This is an amazing property of the human psyche. Be able to distinguish the beautiful from the ordinary. Maybe that’s why we love to sit by the fire, enjoying its mysterious crackling, and peering into the hieroglyphs of the flame. However, setting up a full-fledged fireplace in your own apartment is a costly undertaking and involves many difficulties. Biofireplaces are an excellent alternative available to every person, be it a rural or urban resident. The Polish company Planika offers various models of environmentally friendly biofireplaces to the strict judgment of consumers.

Such devices can be found in restaurants, hotels, and private apartments. Buying a Fire Line Automatic III Smart biofireplace means bringing languid colors of sentimental charm from the crackling flames into your life, and giving the interior aristocratic sophistication.

FLA 3 1490Biofireplace Fire Line Automatic III Smart – a meeting of the past and the future

When developing this model, Polish engineers followed the path of innovation that ideally complements the traditional fireplace. It is no longer the stove maker who looks after the living fire, but the most advanced electronics. The electronic “filling” regulates the flame height (the model has six different modes). It also adjusts the time interval of continuous combustion.

The advanced sensors that Polish biofireplaces are equipped with are controlled by a powerful innovative processor. Such sensors monitor the amount of harmful carbon monoxide, overfilling of the fuel tank, etc. By the way, about fuel. Those who have not yet made the final decision to buy Planika Fire Line Automatic III Smart 1490 mm Standard biofireplaces should remember that the device uses clean environmental fuel (bioethanol) – upon combustion, only water, thermal energy, and a small amount of CO2 are released.

FLA 3 1490Thus, with the help of this model you will decorate and transform the room, as well as receive inescapable aesthetic pleasure from owning such an obedient and smart device.


  • W: 1490 mm / 58.7”
  • H: 220 mm / 8.7”
  • D: 280 mm / 11.0”
  • Burn time: max. 11 hrs
  • Capacity: 8.6 L
  • Heat: max. 13.0 kW
  • Room size: min. 130 m³
  • FLUE/CHIMNEY: Not required
  • FUEL: Bioethanol 86-96.6%
  • FINISH: Black powder coating, Steel, Any RAL colour
  • MATERIALS: Steel, galvanised steel toughened glass
  • USE: Indoor only

Any Ral Colour, Black, Steel


1490 mm


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