Cool Flame 500 Pro Insert



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This quiet ultrasonic device produces a mist that is then illuminated, simulating flames. This effect creates the illusion of fire, which is both  visually appealing and safe. Multidimensional steam backlighting with the ability to change color and intensity, providing unique experiences. Special spectral lenses scatter light, allowing for the creation of flames in a full color spectrum.


Multidimensional steam backlighting with the ability to change color and intensity, providing unique experiences. Special spectral lenses scatter light, allowing for the creation of flames in a full color spectrum.


The limitless possibilities of Cool Flame Insert allow for the creation of personalized solutions. With its modular design, you can combine multiple inserts together to create a spectacular open line of fire tailored to your dreams.

Discover vapour technology

The escalating issue of excessive the carbon dioxide emission pushed us to look for more eco-efficient combustion solutions. To minimize the harmful impact of fossil fuels on the environment, we implemented the Net Zero Technology which provides a continuous cycle of carbon. The high-quality Fanola fuel, used in bioethanol burners, is produced from seasonal plants such as beetroots, wheat, or potatoes. The combustion products such as water vapour and an insignificant amount of CO2 can be later absorbed by the same plants which are then used to obtain ethanol. This sustains the cleanest burning process.

Flame height regulation: 6 stages
Fuel type: filtered tap water / distilled water
Flue: not required
Power supply: 230 V
Materials: steel, glass
Finish: black powder coating
Application: for indoor use only


Cool Flame Insert has been designed for maximum ease of use, reflected in its practical, easily removable water tank. This tank can be filled with standard filtered tap water or distilled water, which is both convenient and cost-effective. Users do not have to worry about specialized or expensive refills. Moreover, this tank provides up to 10 hours of continuous, realistic flame effect after a single refill, resulting in significant time and effort savings. The lack of frequent water refilling makes Cool Flame Insert not only practical but also perfectly suitable to the needs of users who value convenience and efficiency.

Download the Vapour water fireplace Planika Cool Flame Insert installation guide.

Bring a unique atmosphere to your home without complicated installations, chimneys, or other obligations associated with traditional fireplaces. Planika’s water vapour fireplaces, using Optymist technology, are the most advanced devices on the market guaranteeing a stunning visual effect.

An ultrasonic device produces mist, which is illuminated by the ActiveLED system, simulating real flames.


Spectral lenses scatter light allowing for a full spectrum of flame colors and changes in their intensity. Multidimensional steam lighting gives a realistic flame effect, perfectly complementing any interior

  • Safety: The lack of open fire minimizes the risk of fire, making it a safe choice for houses with children and pets.
  • Easy installation: Water Vapour fireplaces do not require a chimney, making their installation easy in any part of the house.
  • Eco-Friendly: Operating on water, they are environmentally friendly and do not generate harmful emissions.
  • Stunning visual effect: Realistically imitates real fire flames, creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • No heating function: Comfortable to use all year round, even in summer.
  • Ease of use: Control the fireplace with a remote control, without getting up from the sofa.
  • Healthy choice: Great for allergy sufferers – the fireplace humidifies the air in the house.

Water Vapour Fireplaces are an excellent solution for both private homes and commercial spaces, such as restaurants or hotels. They allow for avoiding limitations associated with the installation of traditional fireplaces while offering a high level of safety. Thanks to their universality, water vapour fireplaces are an ideal solution for anyone who desires the atmosphere and warmth of fire without the need for complicated installation work.


With Cool Flame, you can customize the flame color to your preferences, choosing from the full RGB color spectrum. This feature will help you match the flame color to the style of the interior or to your current mood.


Enjoy the comfort of controlling the fireplace from your couch, using an intuitive remote or mobile app. Cool Flame offers the ability to adjust the height, color, and intensity of the flame light, allowing full control over the atmosphere without interrupting your leisure or work.



Cool Flame ensures safe use of the flame effect. The use of cold water vapors means that the device is safe in the presence of children, pets, and in public places such as restaurants and hotels, providing peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Realistic Sound Effects

The Cool Flame experience is enriched with the sounds of gently crackling wood. The carefully designed audio system mimics the natural sounds of a burning fire, adding authenticity and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Cool Flame is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces. Thanks to the usage of water, it is an environmentally friendly option that does not emit harmful substances, ideally fitting into any interior and positively affecting air quality.

Decorative Wooden Logs

Add a classic look to your Cool Flame fireplace with optional decorative logs, replicating real wood, adding an authentic character.
Furnace volume

1.3 liters

Burn time

4.5 hours

Thermal power

2.5 kW

Min room size:

25 m3

Net weight

10 kg


230 V


tempered glass, galvanized steel




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