Give Astro your own look with its three lighting zones, each with individual colour settings.

    Flame Hue: Natural amber colour? Or maybe vivid turquoise? Set your favourite colour for the flame and make it look like never before.
    Downlight Logs Illumination: The LED panels installed above the furnace illuminate the logs.
    Glowing Floor: A colourful floor with glowing effect. To give it more depth we decorated Astro with translucent crystals that vividly flicker and catch the same colour as the floor.


    Northern Ireland: £150.00

    6-8 Weeks

Available on backorder

Electric fireplace Planika Astro 850 mm – forever the first

Everything has its beginning. Once upon a time, the Planika brand began with bio-fireplaces, years later it grew with gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces are a new era in the company’s development.

But no matter how many models are ahead in the “electric heaters” category, the Astro electric fireplace will always be the first.

The line with the astronomical name immediately received four dimensional configurations. The fireplace with a width of 850 mm is the most compact among them. To be precise, the dimensions of the device are 838 x 477 x 249 mm (W x H x D).

It should be immediately noted that from an installation point of view, the fireplace allows for flight of imagination, since it can be built-in, partially built-in or wall-mounted. Play designer, come up with your own installation and finishing options.

Each Astro model has two opaque side panels, meaning that depending on the placement of the fireplace, the flames can be viewed from one, two or three sides.

Electric fireplaces Planika Astro 850 mm – more than a heater

Electric fireplaces have long gone beyond simple devices for heating rooms. People don’t have enough warmth, they also want spectacles! Modern technologies and the leap in the development of LEDs make it possible to create convincing simulations of live flames using LED lighting and light filters.

Astro uses proprietary MULTIZONE Colorflow technology – a multi-zone LED light flow with LEDs of different spectrums. Fill the room with your favorite colors and personalize your fireplace by choosing colors in three separate zones:

  • flame zone,
    niche surface area
    illumination of logs.

By the way, decorative logs and bright crystals give the fireplace even more convincing and authentic.

Electric fireplace Astro – warm your home and soul

All these albeit spectacular light illusions are supported by the tangible warmth emanating from the fireplace. The Astro has a built-in electric 2-stage heat flow system. As befits a premium electric fireplace, the kit includes a minimalistic remote control, as well as a wall-mounted wireless Wall-Switch control panel. Why be distracted from relaxation when you always have a remote control at hand.

Anyone who decides to buy an Astro electric fireplace will not regret it, because from this day on their home will be full of not only warmth and bright colors, but also childish excitement when choosing lighting to suit your mood or decor.


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