• Remote Control
  • Wall-Switch Control Panel Included
  • Multi-Zone LED Color Flow
  • 2-Stage Heat Flow System
  • 2 Side Panels Included
  • Logs and Bright Crystals

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Electric fireplace Planika Astro 1200 mm – high bar from Planika

We meet the first-born in the electric fireplace category of the Polish brand Planika, which is world famous for its innovative bioethanol and gas fireplaces.

The Astro electric fireplace without swinging immediately raised the bar high in the highly competitive niche of electric heaters. The Poles offered not just a device for heating rooms, but an effective, safe and intelligent tool for interior decoration.

The model offers a wide range of installation possibilities, from embedding into furniture, walls, pedestals, consoles, to partial embedding and simply wall placement.

There are 4 configurations in the Astro line, differing in size. The current configuration has dimensions of 1219 x 477 x 249 mm (W x H x D). The kit includes two removable side panels, so you can leave one, two or three sides of the fireplace open for viewing according to your needs.

Electric fireplaces Planika Astro 1200 mm – spectacular imitators

The decorative properties of electric fireplaces in this series are demonstrated by their excellent imitation of a wood-burning hearth, the flame effect of which is performed by a whole complex of LED lamps. The lamps are located in different zones of the cain, which allows you to configure each zone separately and achieve different effects. This is a proprietary technology called MULTIZONE Colorflow.

The undoubted advantages of LED lamps are a very long working life without loss of quality, low energy consumption, low heating. Therefore, this technology is popular and in demand.

Decorative logs made from high-quality resins also look natural and natural. Combined with the vibrant crystals of the logs, they create a convincing image of a traditional wood-burning hearth.

Astro electric fireplace – it will be warm!

For most people, the value of a fireplace lies precisely in its ability to heat a room or its local areas. If you consider yourself to be in this majority, then you will want to buy the Planika Astro 1200 mm electric fireplace not only because of its beauty.

The Astro has an integrated electrical heat flow system that can be controlled either from a compact remote control or from a wall-mounted wireless Wall-Switch control panel (both devices are included with the device). You can create a warm atmosphere in your home without burning fossil fuels; electric fireplaces from a Polish company will help you with this.


HEAT OUTPUT: 1500 W / 3000 W
POWER SUPPLY: 240 V, CEE 7/7 plug
FLUE/CHIMNEY: Not required
USE: Indoor
ASTRO 1200: Viewing width: 1219mm, Viewing height: 477mm, Viewing depth: 150mm
ASTRO 1500: Viewing width: 1219mm, Viewing height: 477mm, Viewing depth: 150mm
ASTRO 1800: Viewing width: 1829mm, Viewing height: 477mm, Viewing depth: 150mm


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